Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm in!

After some "resistance" from my computer, I have finally been able to access the blog, with Rebecca's help. I'm so excited to play. Can't wait to start knitting another pair of Monkeys. I would have started already, but I thought I should wait to see what yarn my pal prefers! I've also been playing in the 52 pair plunge. I'm a pair or so behind, but expect to get some knitting done tomorrow, as I am going on a Quilt Shop Hop with friends . . . and I'm not the driver! Hooray! Looking forward to getting to know everyone. I already know it's a great group . . . because we're all knitters!



Courtney said...

So what number are you on? WHo are you giving all the socks to?

Linda C. said...

I was planning to knit socks for Christmas (about 20 pair), and I thought the Plunge was a great way to keep up the incentive. So far, I have given five or six pairs as birthday gifts, and three pairs to the Prophetstown State Park Barn Dance and Auction. I'm about to take the second sock of Pair #18 off the needles.