Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Monkey Sock Yardage

I've finally found THE perfect yarn for my pal's Monkeys, but the yardage is only 360. Are there any Monkey sock veterans out there who can let me know whether they think 360 will be enough. I'm knitting medium-sized socks.

Thanks -- Eva


Dotty said...

I've knit Monkey's with Koigu KPPPM (175 yds per skein; 350 yds for the pair) and I had a few yards left over so 360 yds should be plenty.

Eva said...

Great -- I'll order the yarn right now. Thanks for letting me know!

Chelle and Maylee said...

I also knitting with less yardage then the required amount in the pattern. I used two skeins of Panda Cotton with is 170 yds each for a total of 340 yds. I'm sure they will turn out great if you use the yarn you are getting. If it doesn't work out for any reason you could always minus a repeat on the leg.

Good luck and Happy Knitting