Monday, September 3, 2007

Finished Monkeys!

So, here are mine!
the colourway is called "Blood Orange" and oh, it is so squishy.
Now, as soon as the monkey treats I ordered arrive (some are in progress of being made..) the package will be off! ANd whoever suggested Etsy for monkey things...I love you and curse you all at once. I want to order EVERYTHING!!!


sock lover said...

Love them!! I've always loved those two colors together.

Etsy is dangerous! lol

Crafty librarian said...

very funky socks indeed! I've not bought anything from etsy before - just looked and gone oooooh with my credit card firmly in my wallet. But now I'll have a reasonable excuse - repeat "must exercise restraint, must exercise restraint ..."

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Etsy has just about broken the bank account. I love it! Everything I've purchased there is top-quality, and I love that everything is hand-crafted. I haven't even looked at eBay for months!