Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Slug knitter

I'm so envious of those of you who have finished your socks and/or received your package! I feel like a real slug of a knitter because I don't seem to be making much progress. I'm close to beginning the heel of my second sock (well, actually still a couple of pattern repeats away), and I'm pretty confident that I've found all my monkey items. My real problem is that my job seems to take up way too much of my time and doesn't leave enough for knitting! Of course I don't have a baby waking up at night like some, although I do remember how that was. I guess I will have to keep on going to work since it does enable me to buy all that wonderful yarn. At least this weekend will be longer, as we get Good Friday off. Hoping to finish soon.



Rebecca said...

Not to worry, Lynn! I won't be mailing my socks for at least another week. Remember, you just have to have them to the recipient by April 30th!

Cheryl said...

Hi Lynn
Sounds like you are at the same place as me, I have them at work with me tonight but have to work on my Dale sweater....but hopefully by the time I go home in the morning I will have the heel flap done, maybe...if I am slow and sit and knit I may doze as I have a headache...lack of caffeine. I wish I had a job that gave me Good Friday off.... :(