Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monkeys? Not here

Went out and about at lunch today looking for monkey stuff.....nope, nada, nothing! Will have to venture forth away from my work area! LOL I remember when my nephew was into monkeys (ok like 15-20 years ago!) there were monkeys everywhere. Well, I'm sure I'll find something, if not, there's always Ebay! ROFL. And by the way, I can't wait to start. I haven't done this pattern before so I'm looking forward to something new. Of course, I have to finish some socks first, so my fingers are going full-blast ahead. I need those circulars! I have a huge stash of sock yarn so I'm sure I'll find something in those bins (hidden in the closet!) that my secret pal will like. If not, my LYS is great! Happy knitting all! Cindy

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Rebecca said...

Welcome to Monkey Swap TWO!