Tuesday, April 3, 2007

At Last

I was a bit frustarted as more people mentioned how easy this pattern flowed and how easy to memorize. I must have had a banana stuck in my brain as I was not finding it so. Now 1 1/3 socks done I have it memorized which is good as there are at least 4 more pair in my immediate future. I am going to make the man with the very big feet (16eeee) some as he loves the texture, however I think all will agree they will need to be Gorilla socks, I am planning on adding at least two patterns width wise and going up in needle size. I have ordered the same yarn in two colorways for him and will decide which will be his when it gets here. I am going to try and keep these secret as his birthday is next month. I have been telling him I need to measure his foot as I want to do toe down for him(I have promised a dozen pairs) so I can get the measurements.
My pal's socks should be done this week and mailed out Monday....I will post a pic when they are done.
BTW Rebecca I am loving the mystery socks, I am almost through the gray on the one sock and will finish the second as well before next week's addition I hope.

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