Friday, April 20, 2007


Part 3
The Traditional French Heel
To prepare for heel flap, rearrange 68 sts as follows:
Needle 1: 16 sts
Needle 2: 19 sts
Needle 3: 13 sts
Needle 4: 20 sts
Transfer Needle 3 sts to Needle 4. These are the 33 heel sts.
Turn Needle 4 around to ws. You will begin to work across wrong side.
Break off grey yarn and join natural(white) yarn for heel flap.
Row 1(ws) Sl1, purl to end of needle, turn.
Row 2(rs) *Sl1, k1; repeat from * across row to last st, K1.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 (16x) ending after completing a rs row.
Heel Turn
Begin turning heel on a wrong side row.
Break off natural(white) yarn and join red yarn.
Row 1: Sl1, p17, p2tog, p1. Turn to rs.
Row 2: Sl1, k4, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 3: Sl1, p5, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 4: Sl1, k6, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 5: Sl1, p7, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 6: Sl1, k8, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 7: Sl1, p9, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 8: Sl1, k10, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 9: Sl1, p11, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 10: Sl1, k12, ssk, k1. Turn
Row 11: Sl1, p13, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 12: Sl1, k14, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 13: Sl1, p15, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Heel turn is complete. 19 sts remaining.

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Cheryl said...

Ooooooooooh thank you Rebecca....I was thinking I haven't worked on my socks, I am part way down the grey, but these socks are so relaxing.....I look forward to catching up again