Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Finally beginning

I finished my "trial" pair of Monkey socks yesterday, and it's on DH's feet today. I used Plymouth Sockotta, which I found thinner than merino sock yarn, but he still says it feels thicker than store bought socks. We will see. Fortuitously the merino sock yarn for my pal arrived today. I am into the second repeat of the first sock and will post a picture when I have a bit more length. I have the pattern down and the knitting is going so much faster this time. I like how this sock is turning out, the colors and gentle striping, and merino feels better on my hands than Sockotta. I may have to join the second Monkey socks swap, this is such a good pattern.

p.s. I have a pattern question ... the Monkey socks pattern has a stockinette heel ... is that right? Did any of you find it a little loose? Did anyone change it to a regular slip stitch heel? Would appreciate some advice on this. Thanks


Margie said...

I started my socks too. I'm using the same yarn Cookie used in a different colorway, blue and lavender. It's really looking nice, but definitely thinner than some yarn I've used. I went down a a needle size and added a repeat to make them fit my ankles.

Cheryl said...

It doesn't seem loose in the heel but when I make the gorilla socks a slip stitch heel might be what I need as I increase so many sts for the 16eeee the heel tends to get wide...great idea

MonkeyKnits said...

I used a twisted slip-stitch for my heel. It coordinates with the twisted rib cuff. Much better than a stockinette heel, IMHO.