Saturday, April 21, 2007

Box Received....Squeeeeee!

I received my box today from Kris. I want to start off by saying Thanks Kris. I loved everything in my package.
Ok here we go. :~)

The Box (before it was ransacked):

All My Loverly Goodies Before The Paper was Shredded :~)

Some of my Goodies....There are several things I'll be making out of these magazines:

Some more of my Goodies....Isn't it all so cute. My kids will love the book and cup. The rest is mine, all mine. :~)

Finally My socks....Lovely Monkey socks made with Lorna's Laces Purple Iris & Pretty stitch markers......I love stitch markers & I love my Monkey socks:

The Monkey's in the natural habitat :~)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kris. It was soooooo fun to be on the receiving end of knitting. I love all my stuff and the Monkey socks have found a new loving home. Yippy, I now have 3 hand knit pair of socks for myself.


Knitted Bookworm said... showed sooooooo much restraint by not ripping everything apart as soon as the package arrived! Hope I can remain as calm when mine arrives. All of your goodies are wonderful, but the socks are divine. Enjoy!


Rebecca said...

I'm impressed that you took pictures before opening up your pressies! I was 1.5 miles from home on a walk and I opened mine right there in the middle of the road! It's a good thing I had a backpack.

What a wonderful Monkey Pal Kris has been. Those socks are gorgeous! What a fun collection of Monkey things you received. I used to read that book to my girls when they were itty-bitty.