Thursday, June 5, 2008


I received the most wonderful package, I opened as I was running out to work tonight. SOrry I cannot post pics til Saturday, there was no card so I can not thank my Pal by name. Thanks so much for all the wonderful things.

I have not heard if my Pal received her socks and things. It has been ten days since it was mailed. My email bounced back but I will try again.

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Kristy said...

monkey pal. Sorry there was no card in the package. There was one, but when I got to the post office, the clerk had me take everything out of the box I had it all in and put it in another box. (I don't know why, he was being difficult.) The line behind me was long, I was on my lunch break and needed to get back to work, and we were both in a hurry. After getting back to work, I found your card that had not been put in the new box. I'm sorry about that.

I do hopw you enjoyed your package!