Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm so embarassed!

I need to post a picture of my wonderful goodies from Jan. She made lovely Monkeys with a charming picot top, and the goodies . . . too numerous to mention . . . could have been a double swap, from my vantage point! I promise to get a picture posted this weekend . . . I'm done with house guests until the end of the month, everyone seems to be healthy, and I hope to have some quiet time over the weekend.

My "victim" has been so patient, and I'm just about to get to the toe of the second sock, and get her goodies out, too. I didn't like the hand-dyed yarn I ordered first, so I've ordered another, and it should arrive tomorrow. Because she has been so nice about waiting, I am including a little extra heap of sock yarns. Sadly, one of our local craft shops is closing, but the good part is that with the sale, it provides more goodies for my patient pal, and she certainly has earned it!

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