Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Monkey Joy!

Look at all the monkey joy that I received from Tammy!!!
First up, the socks; they are in my most favorite color :) green, and they fit like a dream!!

Here are all the monkey goodies that she crammed into the box! How did she do it? Maple flavored chocolate from Canada, stickers, keychain, tissues, memo pad, applique & a keychain sock blocker sock! OH BOY, I can hardly wait to make tiny socks from my leftover yarn! Also, the Stricken pattern :), pink Shibuiknits yarn & a skein of her very own Faery Fiber. I don't know how she was able to pull this package together, she has been very sick this past month, but I am very grateful to her! This is all in addition to the monkey sock bag and stuffed monkey I posted about earlier.

And finally, here are the socks on my feet-they fit perfectly! Thank you so much Tammy for this great package!

1 comment:

gilraen said...

A wonderful parcel and looks worth waiting on :)

I hope Tammy is well soon! :)