Sunday, June 8, 2008

Over the Top Goodies!

Was I surprised when the postman backed his truck up to my door, and delivered a HUGE box from Jan. It was crammed with goodies! First and foremost, a lovely pair of monkeys with an innovative picot top. I must confess that I am not a great fan of the twisted rib, and this cuff treatment is very feminine. Then there is a beautiful skein of hand-painted yarn in a colorway called, "Ocean". The flash-blinded package is strawberry lemonade tea mix. That will certainly be refreshing on one of these hot days that have fallen upon us with a vengeance. We literally had the electric blanket on the bed, and two nights later, had turned on the air conditioning! Some biscotti that I don't have to share, some yummy coffee/chocolate candy, and the box of choco-creme Panda cookies . . . the box is an illusion . . . those have been "inhaled"! Yummy!
Continuing the tour, an adorable snuggly baby monkey, a cute little basket which holds some scrumptious bath gel and lotion . . . but will hold a skein of sock yarn on one's wrist once its duties are complete for the bath products, a Monkey lotion pump bottle, Twisted Flower pattern by Cookie A, and a special beverage glass suitable for Strawberry Lemonade, I'm sure!
As to my own obligations, I finally finished the socks for my patient pal, Natalie, and the box is packed and ready at the door of my studio to be taken to the post office. I put in a few extras, since she has been so kind to grant me a generous extension of time to finish. Such a good deed should not go unrewarded!
This has been fun . . . when do we play again?

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JL said...

glad you got the box and like it to. Natalie is my knitting buddy and can use a pick me up right now. She just had surgery.