Sunday, June 8, 2008

Monkeys have landed!

Edited to show me wearing my beautiful socks. And Yes I have worn them. They are very warm and toasty and Fit perfectly!

What a beautiful package. The colors are wonderful and full of monkey items. 3 skeins of yarns, a monkey bag, stickers, markers and 2 sets of bamboo dpns! But check out the beautiful socks!

The socks are absolutely gorgeous and just my size! Thank you so much my secret pal.....It's time to tell me who you are! No card in the box but I do know they came from England (maybe!)


Terri said...

It was me!!!! So glad that you like the package:-) I was a little worried that it had been lost on its way to you too LOL!!!!!!

gilraen said...

A lovely parcel :)

I love the blue Monkeys :)