Monday, June 23, 2008

Monkey's at last- but oh so worth the wait.

Between thunder storms and power outages I have not been able to get on line this weekend. But now that I can I want to share with you all the wonderful monkey box I got on Saturday. Now I really feel bad for my partner because this was her second attempt at sending my a goodie box. The first one was lost in the mail. But now that I have them I am thrilled. They fit just perfectly and I know you can't see on the first picture but there are little bits of silver in the yarn. I just love how the turned out and they fit perfectly, now I can't way until fall when I can wear them. Cheryl also sent some little gems yarn in purple and the flicker pattern. I think I will give them a go this August when its really hot. The monkey goodies were a huge hit with my daughters I had to fend them off so that I could keep the bowl. LOL Thanks Cheryl I just love everything.


gilraen said...

Oh What a lovely parcel!!! And second time round too, Kudos Cheryl!!!

That mug is lovely :)

Cheryl said...

I hope who ever receives the first box will enjoy the sparkly Monkeys as well. I am very glad I had purchased two of the amethyst colorway and made my Monkeys. I can get another amethyst vut truthfully have 6 or so other colors from this ETSY seller. The yarn is glorious and my poor Pal was so patient.