Friday, May 16, 2008


The postman brought me all of this on Wednesday from the wonderful Gilraen , I really needed something to put a smile on my face , and this did it !
Firstly, the socks , they are beautiful, knitted from Posh Emily Aurora, so soft and cozy .They fit as if they were made for me LOL. I have them on as the weather has turned back to winter. Gilraen couldn't decided which pattern to send , and so she sent TWO . the Panda cotton and bamboo is something that I have been thinking of getting ,and the colour is perfect. The Hand Maiden Casbah is so soft , and the colours are much more vibrant than in the photo. I LOVE the bag , it has a half knitted pair of socks in it and is just the right size.I had the cutest monkey stitch markers , key rings , 2 purses, cell phone charms, I am sure that I haven't mentioned everything, but what a marvellous pal to have ? Thankyou so much Gilraen, and thank you Rebecca for making this possible.


gilraen said...

I am glad you liked it all :)

Enjoy!! :)

Rebecca said...

WOW! You have been spoiled indeed! I haven't seen any of those kind of monkey goodies on this side of the Atlantic. I am so very happy that you enjoyed the swap!