Friday, May 30, 2008

Monkeys Sighted in L.A.!

Actually, they've been here for a few weeks, but it's only now that I've had enough focus to sit down and tell y'all about it.

First of all, my swap partner was our fabulous swap hostess, Rebecca; and more than anything else, I've enjoyed getting to know her over the past several months. As she mentioned below, we have a great deal in common; so it came as no surprise that she put together the most perfect package imaginable for me. Let's take a look.

Here it is as it appeared straight out of the box. Can you guess my favorite colors?

It was all so pretty that I didn't want to rip into any of the wrapping. . .of course, that lasted for all of about twenty seconds.

Here's the big reveal:

I was floored. Where to begin? The loads of Curious George pads? The row counter with the cute monkey leash (perfect for knitting in cramped spaces like planes or waiting rooms)? The monkey chocolate? The monkey pencil/crochet hook bag? The sock monkey ornament?

Oh, no. Let's head straight for the socks. A gorgeous pair knit from a wool/cashmere blend that fit like gloves. Warm, cozy gloves for the feet, that is. The fit, colors, and dye job couldn't be more to my liking. Want to see what pampered feet look like?

Lovely socks, yes? (Many apologies for the gleaming ivory leg, but my faux tanning cream is on order and has yet to arrive -- fingers crossed I don't end up with yams.)

Also included were a copy of what may turn out to be my favorite Cookie pattern ever, Trystero (LOVE this one! -- it's brilliant!), and a skein of long-desired Sundara sock yarn in Guava, a gorgeous salmony pink. Hats off to Rebecca for having the patience and persistence to score a skein of Sundara sock. I've never had enough of either to do it myself.

Wait, you're saying there's something else that's grabbed your eye, aren't you? I believe there's something else you want to see up close, no?

People, can you believe this insanity? SOCK MONKEY SLIPPERS!!! I laughed and laughed when I saw these, then ran around the house nearly walking into walls because I couldn't take my eyes off my feet. Best. Monkey. Score. Ever.

So as you can see, it's yet another day full of monkey business in L.A. Many thanks to Rebecca for not only being such a swell swap pal, but also for organizing such a nice, upbeat swap. If she's got it in her, I'm definitely up for another round.

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gilraen said...

Oh my!!! Awesome package. :D Those socks and slippers are so so cute!!!!