Monday, May 12, 2008

May I buy a "vowel"?

I have all my monkey "toys" gathered . . . the gift yarn should arrive tomorrow . . . and I'm methodically knitting away. We've had a crazy month at my house, with house guests, deaths in both sides of the family, and spring cold or allergy, or some sort of bug. I'm considering sending all the toys tomorrow with the socks to follow as soon as I can get the second one off the needles, just so my pal doesn't feel like a total orphan! I'm really excited about the fun monkey stuff I was able to collect. I think I have a little "stash" of those kinds of items built up, so I'll be prepared for Swap #5 . . . if I can just get the 4th off my needles! Ball game tomorrow night, with a one-hour drive each way . . . and my DH is driving. That should be a big help!

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