Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monkeys from Oz!

Thank you, Mel! My monkey swap package arrived safe and sound so you can stop worrying.

She sent me some wonderfully crazy Monkey socks! Sorry, but I don't know what the yarn is.

Plus I got some great monkey goodies and sock yarn galore - you can see it all in the picture below.

She sent me 3 (!!!) different sock yarns. The Knittery Merino Slim is soooo silky and smooth. It's hard to believe that it's just merino. And I love the monkey fabric. I've been spoiled :)


Rebecca said...

WOWSERS! Nice package!

Mel said...

In case someone is wondering, the yarn used to knit the monkeys is Opal Prism in purple. I love the effect. Must do that one again (hunting around in sock yarn stash). It was hard to part with the Lace Wings and Knittery Yarns. They were dangerously close to migrating towards the stash. OH DEAR!
Dotty: take good care of the stuffy monkey -- he was awfully sweet to look at. Glad you like your monkeys.

gilraen said...

A lovely Parcel!!! I love all the purples! :D

Cute monkey too. :)

Mel said...

Correction: the yarn I used for Dot's monkeys is OPAL Mosaic -- had to rummage around the stash for some to check. MUST MAKE MORE MONKEYS.