Monday, May 12, 2008

Monkeys Down Under

Ok -- be jealous -- this purple is soooo nice. *sigh*

How much do I love my monkey socks? I LOVE MY SOCK PACK! Hard to say what is the bestest of the best, as I'm enjoying it ALL.
Is it the purple happiness of my Cherry Tree Hill Monkeys, handknit by Cynthia -- which fit perfectly?

Or, is it the unreal monkeysock bag, perfect for sock knitting? 'Scuse the silly shot -- I was so excited, I had it wrongwayround. But wait, there's much more... Monkey tissues, monkey bookmark - v kewl -- bath salts, SOAK, bag for handwashing, balm (using as I type for chapped lippies), GORGEOUS happy sock yarn, notecards, and a Flicker pattern.
One happy monkeysock knitter here in Australia. Thank you so much Cynthia! Thanks to everyone who shared their monkeys. It's so much fun to see what we get up to.

Mel, in Oz

Happy Sock Yarn -- Handpainted in Alabama! Kewl.

PS: slept last night with purple monkeys on -- they were too comfy to take off!


cindybmw2004 said...

Glad you liked the package. Where is the sock yarn picture? LOL Couldn't see what hand-dyed yarn I sent ya! :)

cindybmw2004 said...

You slept in them? That is too funny. I had a hard time sending them to you as they did feel very comfy! But they were purple, and it's not my favorite color! LOL Thanks for posting the sock yarn picture, just want to make sure Rebecca knows I followed the rules! I'm anal that way! LOL

Dotty said...

Your purple socks looks awesome! Hmmm... I wonder if my socks will be purple ;)

Rebecca said...

COOL Monkey Bag!!!! Your other goodies are nice, too. Spoiled, spoiled you are!