Monday, April 14, 2008

These could be yours!

Dear Monkey pal,

Even though I haven't told you these very pretty socks are yours. Also the cute Curious George bag that I have been holding your fancy modified monkeys is yours. I've fallen in love with both; however I will make sure that they make it into your package. The socks are almost complete I just have one more lace repeat then the toe decreases to knit! Also all your monkey goodies have arrived except one, so in the meantime I'll finish your socks and get you some more goodies for your package before they head home to you. I hope you enjoy your socks and the mods.

Chelle (blindpurls)

PS These are a pair of mini-monkeys (only 4 repeats of the lace with a picot edge cuff) I love them and will be making a pair for myself very soon! You can never have enough monkey socks!

1 comment:

gilraen said...

Oh they are lovely :) I like the modified Monkeys :)

Really nice bag too :)