Thursday, January 17, 2008


I received my monkeys from my monkey angel Eve. You can see photos of them on my blog at: Thank-you Eve for stepping in as an angel and knitting me my monkeys. They are a perfect fit and I love the color and the feel. Your packaging is great also. I want to come up with some way to package mine also now.
I hope all those who have not received part or all of their swaps have or will receive something from an angel like I did shortly.


Olive Bloomslang said...
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sock lover said...

wow, unreal. I glad I was able to be an angel.

gilraen said...

I've given up expecting my pal to produce a pair of socks. I asked not to have an angel as I don't want anyone inconvenienced anymore. I am 'gobsmacked' at the number of people who have 'flaked'. A few is normal as life isn't smooth running I know.

Honesty and integrity has been in short supply for a thankfully small number of the participants here BUT as so many participants have been so wonderful I guess you have to focus on that.

One point though: I am well aware of who my swap partner who was to have sent me a parcel, she received a lovely parcel herself and posted it on her blog, she has told me and Rebecca that she will keep up her end of the swap but hasn't had even the manners to email me since the beginning of November when she said she had exams and was running late.

I'm not committing suicide by holding my breath.

My upstream pal Sheryl has been a wonderful swap pal, thank you :)

Stranded In Oz said...

Thanks again to Rebecca for going the extra yards and finding angels on top of the already huge job of organising the swap in the first place. Take heart! Bad karma will follow those who don't do their bit. :-) Let's not loose faith, as so many people enjoyed the swap. I know I did.